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Auto Auction Software

An automated auction will run smoother, and ultimately, be more profitable. We know that automation is not enough.

 Affordable, reliable and up-to-date tools are necessary to overcome the daily challenges. Since 1996, ADAM auction Software has effectively reduced labor intensive tasks to minutes or even seconds. 
The simple check-in procedure and the quick sales check-out will streamline your auction while pleasing your customers. Our friendly staff is here to help you.

An Internet connection, DSL, cable or Satellite is not required at Auction time. Although, an internet connections would be helpful for software updates and tech support purposes

-Windows based, network ready with no workstation fees.
-Easy to use and learn.
-Tabs with different sort sequences are an excellent locator tool.
-Easy access to the HELP database categorized by subject for quick reference.
-On-Screen reports for buyer and seller vehicle inquiries and daily auction activities
-Toolbar drop down menus separate your setup areas from the day-to-day processing to eliminate clutter and confusion.
-VIN decoding for popular makes and models.
-Scanner capabilities
-Market reports

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Auto Auction Software