Buyer Check Out

Quick Buyer Check Out



Buyer Check Out Process

Minimize errors and retain more profit for the auction.

Screens are easy to read so your tellers won't miss anything. The buyer's fees are conveniently displayed and totaled on the checkout update screen. The buyers "browse" screen Select a Buyer and choose "Check out" option. Verify the correct buyer and vehicle and simply enter in the sale $$$$ amount. Save and Print Documents. A variety of payment methods are available, Cash, Check, Drafts, Finance, Cr Cards, Cashier's checks. Additional charges may be added for Draft, Finance, Checks or Service Fees. 

 Collect the Money! Quick an Simple....


  • Bill of sale
  • Drafts
  • Custom Auction Documents
  • Gate Pass
  • Buyer roster for all vehicles purchased at the sale
  • More...

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