Vehicle Check In

Checking In Vehicles for the sale.



Vehicle Check In

Quick Check-In process....

Manual without scanners:
Vehicle information gathering process starting at the front of the vehicle and ending at the rear. Ready to start the process for the next vehicle.

With infrared scanners: Scan the bar code from door panels or body.

ADAM automatic fills in year and make determined from the VIN#.
  • 17 Digit Vin numbers
  • Check digit of the 10th digit VIN# and year verification.
  • Convenient locator window allows you to choose a seller from your company list of dealers.
  • Vehicle expenses like fuel, transport, cleaning, etc can be assigned to a specific unit.
  • Prints mail or check-in sales documents.
  • Check-in customized invoice or standard invoice
  • Check-in roster by lane number
  • The "Print Roster" button prints a summary with unit totals.
  • More.......