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Tech Support Common Issues

Thank you for your request. Someone from our office will email a response or call with an answer within 24 hours. Feel free to look over the common issues below. A solution may be covered in the issues below.

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Common issues and answers!

1. Creates duplicate
2. Program expired.
3. Cannot find......
4. Start a tech support ticket

Create duplicate:
This is a message that indicates a file creation error. You have tried to create a new record that has already been assigned the same number. Choose a different number. Example; either a stock number , unit number or a customer number.
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Program Expired:
ADAM contains a time interval function. An annual code will activate an "Program expired" warning. There will be warnings for five days before this final action. You must call to obtain an activation code. 817-579-9747 or 800-989-6096.
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